Wearing unwashed jeans for days at a stretch can cause vaginal infection

Is wearing unwashed jeans causing you vaginal infection and discomfort? Here’s what you can do…

With changing lifestyle trends, the habit of wearing the same unwashed jeans for days at a stretch can affect your personal hygiene and cause vaginal irritation, itching and infection. Such intimate discomfort can be aggravated especially if you are wearing tight denims. 

Experts warn against the rise of incidences in college girls suffering with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). This generation is on the go all the time and the change in lifestyle taking a toll in the form of increasing incidence of vaginal infection and UTI.

Tight fit clothing such as jeans and denim coupled with an urgency to use unclean or unhygienic public toilets pushes a girl towards acquiring vaginal infection which can lead to urinary tract infection. Due to tight fit clothing, the moisture in intimate area is trapped which does not let the area dry causing bacterial growth in intimate area. This bacterial growth in intimate area affects vaginal pH balance and results into vaginal itching, fishing odor, vaginal irritation and an unmanaged vaginal infection may result into urinary tract infection too. Women are advised to be extra cautious about maintaining vaginal hygiene as they are prone to acquire vaginal infection because the urethra in woman is shorter than men and it’s easy for the bacteria e-coli to travel from anus to vaginal area.

Here are some simple tips to manage vaginal hygiene:

  • Follow good personal hygiene practices like using a pH-balanced daily natural intimate wash for sensitive skin areas
  • Don’t use synthetic soaps, shampoos or washes that contain chemicals, which can deteriorate the infection
  • Don’t wear tight and unwashed clothes for long duration
  • Wear loose and baggy clothes as much as possible as it helps in ventilating the intimate area
  • Don’t hold urine for long period
  • Wash intimate area before and after sex and keep it dry
  • Wipe from front to back after urinating and bowel movement
  • Wear cotton inner wears only
  • Avoid sugary drinks and beverages
  • Eat healthy food which contains fibers and whole grains and foods that provide antioxidants
These personal hygiene tips can help you in preventing the vaginal infection. Above all, maintaining personal hygiene during menstruation becomes more significant and using a daily natural intimate wash during period makes you surpass that monthly cycle comfortably.
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