Have you tried Ayurveda for male infertility?

Do Ayurvedic treatments work in male infertility?

Research suggests that men begin losing their libido and start a slow progress toward infertility at around 35 years of age. Surprised? We tend to think of infertility as only a “woman problem,” but an increasing number of men today are dealing with it. If one of the partners has infertility, negativity may build up in a relationship and intimacy reduces as a result.

Marketed fertility supplements that claim to cure male infertility of various causes are countless. Most of them are formulated to work in different ways, so a single product may not cater to all the problems of male infertility. Also, we strive to stay away from medications that cause side effects or addictions; therefore, going for a natural therapy is the best solution. One such ancient and extensively useful natural therapy is ayurveda.

Can ayurvedic treatment for male infertility work?

Ayurveda says that some of the essential causes of infertility in men could be stress, fear, working in a hot environment for a long time, wearing tight clothes, etc. Vedas also list some other causes for infertility in men such as suppressing sexual urges, infection in the reproductive tract, and trauma to the genital organs. Alcohol consumption and smoking are no exception to this list. Ayurveda recommends oils, herbs, pills, and panchakarma for the successful ayurvedic treatment for male infertility.

Panchkarma and ayurveda for male infertility

For treating male infertility, ayurveda suggests panchakarma therapies like abhyanga (massage of the body), nasya (administration of medicines through the nasal route), shirodhara (pouring medicated liquids on the forehead), etc., that lead to physical and mental balance. However, with our busy lifestyles and commitments, it may be difficult to find the time for multiple sessions of panchakarma for infertility at an ayurvedic center.

ManSure packs the benefits of ayurveda in a single pill. Out of the many herbs used in ayurveda, six potent ayurveda fertility herbs are used in ManSure to manage infertility problem in men. Each of the following 6 herbs brings in its benefits to ManSure.


Ashwagandha for male fertility issues is a widely used treatment in ayurveda. It increases testosterone levels, thus improving the libido. Ashwagandha also improves the quality of semen and is a great stress reliever. Ashwagandha can treat 90% of the cases of erectile dysfunction (a primary cause of male infertility)and oligospermia (low sperm count). And guess what, ashwagandha also helps undo the ill effects of smoking and alcohol on fertility. Awesome, right?

Safed Musli

This traditional herb has been used to improve sexual health for hundreds of years. Safed musli or white musli is a rare herb and is mainly used as a tonic to revitalize the reproductive system. Because of safed musli’s richness in glycosides,regular use of this herb can help with issues like premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and impotence in men.

Konch Beej

It has been scientifically proven that konch beej increases the levels of seminal plasma lipid peroxide levels and sperm count and is an excellent ayurvedic medicine for sperm motility. It reactivates the antioxidant defense system, which helps in improving the quality of sperm. It has been medically proven that konch beej slows down a process called lipid peroxidation, increases spermatogenesis, and improves the sperm quality of men. Konch beej is included in the formulation of ManSure, thus possessing its medically proven benefits of improving fertility.

Salab Mishri

This herb is known as a “miracle herb” for its effects on enhancing vitality and vigor among men. It increases the absorption of oxygen in the cells, which helps the cells to perform their best. It also is a valuable remedy for premature ejaculation.


Gokhru is one of the strongest herbs used in ayurveda for the treatment of infertility. It increases testosterone levels and improves sperm motility and sperm count. The deficiency of luteinizing hormone is one of the causes of infertility in men. Gokhru has been proven to boost the production of the luteinizing hormone as well.


Shatawar is also another well-known star of the fertility booster family in ayurveda. Shatawar has been used for thousands of years for healthy reproductive and hormonal functions. It has been used as an aphrodisiac to improve the natural production of sperms. It calms you and stimulates you while improving the energy levels of your body. You can also overcome impotence by regularly using Shatawar. ManSure gives you all these benefits of shatawar in a capsule form.

It may all sound like scientific jargon, but instead of giving into the so-called best male fertility pills in the market, choose herbal medicine for male infertility treatment. After all, Ayurvedic science is proven and true and needs no advertising. So, reap the all-natural benefits of ayurveda in ManSure. Boost fertility with this safe and hassle-free product, stay protected from side effects and, above all, get ready to hear the word “Dad”.



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