Olive oil keeps the skin glowing and young by regenerating collagen

Olive Oil: Bring Home the Magic of the Mediterranean

Olive Oil (aka Rogan Jaitun) is an essential component of the Mediterranean diet. It has been proven that Mediterranean people are at a reduced risk of certain chronic ailments such as heart diseases or certain cancers, and they also have an increased life expectancy despite high fat consumption. They are also seen to have a healthier and shiny skin and hair. 

Types of Rogan Jaitun Oil (also known as Olive Oil)

Rogan Jaitun Oil is classified according to free oleic acid content. The extra virgin olive oil contains a maximum of 1%, the virgin olive oil contains 2%, and ordinary olive oil contains 3.3% oleic acid. Unrefined variety with more than 3.3% of the free oleic acid is considered as “unfit for human consumption.”

Benefits of Rogan Jaitun Oil

  1. Prevents dehydration: Dehydration is one of the primary reasons for the skin appearing old. Some areas of the skin appear more chapped than others due to dehydration, e.g., elbows and knees. Olive oil prevents loss of moisture from the skin by interfering with the skin barrier function and retains the moisture of the skin.
  2. Prevents inflammation: Rogan Jaitun oil has a high amount of phenolic compounds that inhibit the growth of bacteria and, thereby, inflammation. Olive oil produces antimicrobial activity against many microorganisms. It helps in healing by acting as a barrier to the skin openings.
  3. Regenerates collagen: Collagen is a component of the skin responsible for elasticity and youthfulness. Olive oil keeps the skin glowing and young by regenerating the collagen in our skin. Olive oil has high polyphenolic content, which also helps in strengthening the cell walls of the skin.
  4. Anti-aging: Free radicals formed in the body during metabolic processes and due to toxins cause damage to the skin and expedite Olive oil is a good source of vitamin E oil, which is an antioxidant and prevents damage to skin, thus preventing aging and wrinkles. The antioxidant effect is not limited to the skin. Olive oil also prevents premature greying of the hair due to antioxidants.
  5. Protection against UV rays: Olive oil protects and reverses the damage caused to the skin by UV rays. Research indicates that external application of olive oil can protect the skin from UV rays and prevent the occurrence of skin cancer.
  6. Rogan Jaitun oil for hair growth: Olive oil not only improves the appearance of our hair, but also increases the thickness and volume of hair by providing it the nutrients required for growth and can be used as a hair growth oil.Olive oilcan also be used for lice treatment by applying warm olive oil to the hair and scalp.
  7. A common ingredient in topical formulations: Olive oil is commonly used in shaving creams, cosmetic removers, natural heel repair creams, etc., because of its multiple beneficial effects.

Increase in pollution as well as aging damage your skin. Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Oil hydrates the skin; kills the bacteria that cause acne; makes the skin radiant, youthful, and healthy. It provides nutrition to the hair and promotes hair regrowth, prevents premature greying; and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Say hi to healthy, glowing skin, day after day!

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