Indulge your senses in sheer luxury with four new perfumes from NEUD

Gift Yourselves These New Luxury Perfumes From NEUD For Men and Women

After the stellar success of its luxury perfume gift sets for men and luxury perfume gift sets for women, our premium personal care products brand NEUD has launched four 100ml bottles of scintillating perfumes. These include two perfumes for men and two for women. All these eau de parfums (EDP) are made with advanced CP technology for super long-lasting performance, brilliance and clarity. Each 100ml fragrance bottle gives you more than 800 lavish spritzes. These scents do not contain any CFCs and are ozone friendly, so you can spray these perfumes liberally without any guilt.

They come in beautiful glass bottles that will look stunning on your dresser.

So go ahead and indulge in the latest scent in the air!


NEUD Montpellier Blue

A captivating and sensual perfume that is perfect for the confident, elegant, and sophisticated woman, NEUD Montpellier Blue captures the essence of a blooming garden and exudes luxurious femininity. If you are the senora who enjoys exploring exotic and luxurious experiences, the blend of exotic fruits and floral notes in NEUD Montpellier Blue will add that sensual intrigue to make you stand out uniquely in a crowd.

NEUD Grasse Pink

Vibrant and enchanting, NEUD Grasse Pink Luxury Perfume is a must-have for any woman who wants to feel confident and alluring. A burst of energy and freshness, this seductive fragrance captures the essence of femininity and glamour perfectly. With a sweet citrusy touch evolving into a warm and sensual base, NEUD Grasse Pink embodies the vivacious spirit of the modern woman.


NEUD Manhattan Hills

Transport your senses to a sunny coastal paradise with the refreshing and invigorating NEUD Manhattan Hills Luxury Perfume. A must-have perfume for the man who wants to exude confidence and sophistication, this scent evokes the feeling of a cool ocean breeze, with a woody, floral and citrusy touch. Musk and ambery notes add a sensual and alluring depth, making it perfect for all occasions.

NEUD Milan Da Vinci

NEUD Milan Da Vinci is a dynamic, alluring, intriguing and sensual luxury perfume that exudes the essence of raw masculine energy. It is a must-have for the man who embodies the energetic cosmopolitan city lifestyle. This fragrance captures the essence of expansive outdoors, with a a fresh burst of zest. The opening notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender reveal an intriguing layer of ginger, violet, sage, spicy, petitgrain, and gardenia at the heart that ultimately culminates with bottom notes of musk, labdanum, sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, doscaroldeo, woody, and musky that linger on with a deep sensual base.

So go ahead and try these latest whiffs of aroma and stand out from the crowd. Just spray 1-2 spritzes on your pulse points, neck, chest and shoulders from 10-15cm away, and let the magic unfold.
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