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Six Must-Have Personal Care Products in Every Woman’s Skin Care Routine

Although most women claim that skin care is a priority for them, yet it often becomes a last-minute to-do because ‘there’s no time for it’.  With every birthday cake you cut, it’s not just your mind that gets older by a year, but also your skin. The body deals with changes in hormones as you grow, which creates issues such as stress and adult acne.

Your world comes crashing down when you see your colleague look younger than you at your 30th birthday bash. It is but true that having great skin even in your 40s is a result of religiously taking care of your skin right from your 20s. Here is a list of some basic skin care essentials that you must include in your beauty regime to look ravishing even as you celebrate your golden jubilee!


For any cosmetic product to work its magic on your skin fully, your skin pores first need to be cleaned to absorb that product. Cleansing liquids, wipes and oils remove residues, dirt, and smidgeons of makeup off your skin.


A good turnover rate is always good to run the show, right? The turnover rate of our skin, however, slows down with age. This means the skin needs a little extra push to toss off the build‑up of dead skin cells. Exfoliate once or twice per week or use a mild exfoliator every day if your skin feels clogged.


Contrary to popular belief, moisturizers are not just meant for women with dry skin. They are equally important for ladies who have an oily skin. Moisturizers help your skin become supple and younger looking. Pro tip – moisturizers provide a shield against dust and other pollutants from landing directly on your skin.


Even if it is a gloomy day, never go outdoors without putting on some sunscreen. Apply it 20 minutes before you head out. It will keep you away from pigmentation, wrinkles, and harmful UV rays. Sunscreens help you capture those gorgeous sun-kissed selfies without having to worry about tans.


Given a choice, who would not want to get freedom from having to wax, shave, thread or trim unwanted hair from the body and face ever again – for the rest of their lives? If you have not been able to find a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution, but never found it, maybe you looked in the wrong place!

You must try the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor cream. Unlike depilatory creams, it does not remove hair instantly. Rather, it slowly but steadily slows down growth of new hair, so over 8-10 weeks, your unwanted hair will grow after longer and longer duration, and eventually stop. Voila, no more need to shave or wax. But you must apply NEUD Hair Inhibitor on your skin after removing hair from its roots. Ideally, you should do it with waxing or threading, but shaving or trimming may also do. Removing hair helps open the skin pores and allows this natural hair retarder to penetrate deeply, and act more effectively. The plant enzyme used in NEUD’s unique formula acts on hair shafts and roots to curb the growth of unwanted hair. NEUD literally gets to the ‘root’ of the problem! It is also safe for relatively sensitive skin parts like the face, chin and upper lips.


Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash – you’ll need to load up on many foods in your diet to get enough quantity of Vitamin A’s goodness for your skin’s daily requirement. And yet, it will take a while for the Vitamin A to actually travel all the way to your skin through your diet! Instead, try a Vitamin A cream for faster topical effect. Vitamin A creams target aging and sun-damaged skin. You can even try a Vitamin A night cream that will heal and repair your skin while you’re asleep. It will helps soothe your face, give you an even skin tone, improve complexion, and most importantly, prevent skin sagging by renewing blood cells.

Make room in your vanity box with these essential skin care products. No matter your age, these products – and a disciplined regime – will help you become a smoother, younger, hair-free you effortlessly. So no more excuses like ‘there’s no time for it’, and start giving your skin the daily love and care it deserves.
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