#BloodyHypocrisy campaign is an effort by everteen to remove the stigma and taboo around periods

everteen Launches #BloodyHypocrisy campaign

India’s constitution provides equal opportunity to women in every sphere of life. Our constitution provides special laws to prevent the exploitation of women in any form. It is quite evident that India has been committed to empower women for a while and yet this empowerment is incomplete in some areas. One such area is the taboo mindset around menstrual periods, a normal natural process where a female body flushes out the extra uterus lining it had developed to support a possible pregnancy during ovulation.

The #BloodyHypocrisy campaign is an effort by feminine hygiene brand everteen to bring this taboo subject to the table in every home and remove the stigma around talking about this just like any other normal bleeding. 

People talk about women empowerment, but to mean it requires addressing it comprehensively in every area. In India, girls are worshipped as divinity during Navratri, for nine continuous days, where people touch her feet and offer her the best of everything for comfort and joy.

The ancient Vedic culture in India revolves around obeisance to female divinities like Usha (or dawn) or Goddess Laksmi for prosperity in life. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped for imparting knowledge. Maa Durga, consort of Lord Shiva, is believed to be the destroyer of evil and nurturer of good.

Yet, on the other hand, no one really cares about her comfort when it comes to those five days of the month. This is what hypocrisy looks like and we need to put an end to it.


As a pioneer and leader in feminine hygiene, everteen has taken a step forward towards its commitment to make the world understand the true and inclusive meaning of “Women Empowerment”. everteen’s #BlodyHypocrisy campaign intends to break the façade of incomplete empowerment and make people realize that periods are normal for every woman, and including this subject in normal day to day discussions is an important step towards real empowerment. In a way, #BloodyHypocrisy urges the society to think out-of-the-book and beyond the ordinary realm and to make a real impact in empowering women. The everteen team realized that people now get the concept of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”, but what next? Yes, Indians are trying their best to empower women but why is it limited only to education? Real empowerment starts at home. And true empowerment cannot happen unless Indian women have a right to discuss and talk about periods in their homes openly. What is the point of giving education to your daughters if they don’t have the freedom to express their views openly on every subject that is important for them? What kind of empowerment is this? 


Our intention is to complete this incomplete empowerment without leaving any space for exceptions. We want the world to question and appreciate the literal meaning of “Women Empowerment”. Looking at every nook and cranny and brushing out aspects that have hitherto been neglected. 

As a start, we are looking forward to encouraging families to have an open discussion about periods in their homes so that our little angels don’t have to wander here and there to gather information to understand their body and how it works accurately.


Here’s how you can contribute to help create awareness and urge families to shun #BloodyHypocrisy with this campaign and encourage open discussions about menstruation in our society.

  • Tie a red scarf around your waist and post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #BloodyHypocrisy and let us know by tagging us on  @ILoveEverteen on Twitter. If possible, click your picture in our Snapchat filter.
  • Use our Instagram filter to record yourself and post your hypocrisy quotient on social media with the hashtag #BloodyHypocrisy and mentioning our handle @everteen_wd.
  • Record your video message using our snapchat filter saying “अगर चोट का ब्लड नॉर्मल है तो पीरीअड के ब्लड पर चुप्पी क्यों?” Post this video on your social media handle with  #BloodyHypocrisy and tag  @everteen_wd.

Ten contributors with the most engaging posts will receive a gift hamper worth Rs.5000 each from everteen as a gesture of our appreciation for promoting menstrual awareness as a part of complete woman empowerment.

(Written By: Ananya Singh)

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Great initiative, and well written 👍

Bhawana Bansal

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