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Are metabolic toxins making you obese? Agnimantha can help flush them out!

Did you know that almost 60-70% of cardiac patients die due to obesity – a fast-escalating global pandemic that is a significant contributor to coronary conditions, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia and hypertension? 

With obesity being on an alarming rise today, understanding obesity and the causes that can put you at risk of gaining excessive weight.

Obesity is a multi-functional disease that is indicative of the existence of the most common metabolic disorders in the body. These metabolic disorders lead to an excessive accumulation of energy in the form of body fat. When this accumulated fat is >25% in males and >30% in females, it becomes an obese condition.

Considered as a global health problem, this condition is said to arise out of a complex interaction between the genetic structure and the prevalent environment a person exists in. Characteristic of a disturbed metabolism and long-term energy imbalance, several factors contribute to this condition.

This obesity problem is resultant of either an actual increase in the fat component within the body or due to some malfunctioning. Sometimes, metabolic distress in the body due to excessive intake of caloric foods, insufficient energy expenditure due to a sedentary lifestyle or a low resting metabolic rate or both, etc. can also contribute to this condition.

Let us consider the causes of these metabolic disruptions leading up to an abnormal weight gain.

While we mostly consider excess calories intake coupled with a sedentary lifestyle as the main forces behind obesity, these two factors do not provide sufficient evidence to support the recent, uncharacteristic incidence of obesity worldwide.

A March 2015 workshop conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has explored the role of exposure to environmental and metabolic chemicals play a crucial role in the development of obesity-related metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and cause people to fatten.

Several other independent studies have corroborated the theory that certain environmental factors such as chemicals that interfere with the metabolism-regulating hormones and their action are the most potential risk factors for the incidence of obesity. These studies have inferred that these chemicals, which are also known as “environmental obesogens” or “endocrine disruptors”, interfere with the metabolic homeostasis and can be seen as the principal promoters of obesity.

Evidence garnered out of these researches also proposes that the exposure to these environmental factors, especially during the developmental phases of life, increases the potential risk of excess weight gain. Studies also link the early exposure to environmental and air pollutants to impaired metabolism in infants and children.

Further, systematic transgenerational responses to obesogens have contributed to this global multifactorial complex disorder, emphasising environmental protection as a means of better public health.

Science proves the relation of environmental toxins and obesity

Several human studies conducted around this obesogen hypothesis have persistently demonstrated the positive association between these environmental toxins and an increased BMI and obesity. This result has held explicitly in specimens that have included women exposed to maternal smoking and other air pollutants, the control group exhibiting an increased risk of childhood obesity.

These environmental toxins aid an “obese phenotype” that affects the adipocyte (or fat cells) function. These adipocytes, in a robust state, store energy and release a hormone that signals and controls appetite and the energy balance within the body. Air pollutants are seen to interfere with both of these processes, increasing the body’s fat storage capacity and decreasing the hormone production by the increase in the number as well as the size of the fat cells (or adipocytes).

Not only this, the presence of a metabolic disorder leads to a disruption in energy utilization and storage, thereby causing obesity. The metabolic toxins in the body too, have shown a marked increase in the incidence of obesity. Studies have shown that the proteolytic gut bacteria also can produce toxins as by-products of the digestion of dietary protein. These metabolic toxins that include phenols, indoles, and ammonia, accumulate within the body over the years and with age cause diseases. Modern evidence has further corroborated these studies by demonstrating the pathogenic potential of intestinal auto-intoxication due to these metabolized dietary carcinogens and the incidence of conditions arising out of this metabolic imbalance in the body.

Did you know that certain natural ingredients can help flush out these toxins and prevent excessive weight gain?

Specific naturally-occurring herbs such as Agnimantha are known for their therapeutic role in obesity treatment and management. Such herbs help keep the ‘jathragni’ (or the body’s inner heat that is necessary for digestion), regulated and thus help in preventing the excessive growth and accumulation of fatty tissues in check. Agnimantha can be used as an excellent source of active therapeutics and is an effective anti-hyperlipidaemic agent.

The diuretic action of Agnimantha helps in frequent urination, flushing out the toxins that accumulate in the body due to metabolic response, thereby restoring the optimal metabolic activity within the body. Not only this, but this diuretic effect of Agnimantha supplementation has also shown to help in flushing out deep-seated toxins in the body through our renal pathways, helping to counter the harmful effects of the environmental chemicals by enhancing the immunity of the body. Thus, this herb has a stronghold among other herbs that find use in naturally achieving weight loss.

Further, studies of the methanol leaf extract of Agnimantha shows significant antioxidant action which is extremely effective in oxidation and expulsion of the toxins, whether metabolic or external, from the body.

Nature Sure Agnimantha: Working to flush out the toxins

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight-loss Formula supplementation is a sure-fire way to help your body get rid of the exogenous environmental toxins and the endogenous metabolic toxins.

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight-loss Formula is based on scientifically-proven Ayurvedic therapy that helps by preventing conditions that lead to the accumulation of fats in the body - a significant cause of obesity. It helps strike a balance between the energy intake vs energy burned ratio thereby helping to counter the uncharacteristic accumulation of fat in the body due to a toxin build-up.

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula helps in weight management through the digestion and metabolism route. A proprietary natural and vegetarian product made with 100% pure, top-of-the-class naturally active components - Agnimantha and Shilajit - Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula helps regulate the jathragni, thereby ensuring that any excess calories consumed by the body do not get converted in fat and accumulate in the body. Due to the presence of Shilajit, Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula enables an increase in the bio-availability of nutrients within the body, unlocking energy and ensuring the vitality and freedom from fatigue.

This herb-mineral combination of Agnimantha and Shilajit that help to manage obesity and lose weight naturally by regulating the distorted fat metabolism and aiding its natural utilisation – the significant reasons behind the accumulation of excessive fat. It further supports in weight management in the following important ways:

  • Lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides
  • Enhances the immunity of the body through its diuretic effect of flushing out deep-seated toxins in the body through our renal pathways
  • Promotes cellular health of our body

Agnimantha (Premna obtusifolia) exhibits tremendous value in the treatment of obesity and is touted as a super-herb in the treatment of obesity and subsequent weight management. Studies conducted on the administration of Agnimantha in conjunction with scheduled diet and an exercise regime for six months have shown encouraging results in working on reducing the waist-hip circumference ratio.

Further, research on the efficacy and use of Agnimantha reveals how Agnimantha, on processing with Shilajit, behaves as an extremely potent treatment for conditions that lead to obesity. Studies have shown a significant reduction in the skin fold thickness (i.e. biceps -11.01%, triceps-11.0%, abdominal-11.23% and thigh-8.88%) due to the usage of Agnimantha and Shilajit together.

Various studies suggest how Shilajit increases the bio-availability of other herbs when used in conjunction with them, thereby strengthening their benefits. You would be surprised to know that Shilajit indeed acts as a fat burner and burns fat and retained water from the body. It further also plays a vital role in the process of weight management by helping suppress appetite by making you feel full. Shilajit is said to transport nutrients deep within the tissues, flushing out toxins and thereby helps improve memory, stimulates the immune system and maintain optimum metabolism. The fulvic acid content of Shilajit helps keep an optimum energy metabolism which in turn leads to burning off most of the excess calories consumed, not allowing these to be converted into fat.

The Takeaway

Obesity is a growing global epidemic that affects not just adults, but children and infants too. The rising incidence of obesity has set off an alarming trend that warrants focused research on understanding the relative involvement of environmental chemicals in the development of obesity.

While we still juggle with this increasing threat to our existence, a supplement that can help to build immunity against toxins and in flushing them out of the body to aid in the prevention of a toxin build-up is the need of the hour.

Nature Sure brings you a perfect supplement that can be your aid in this fight against these harmful toxins. So, let your wait be over. Grab your Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula NOW!
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