How Agnimantha helps prevent accumulation of excess fat

How Agnimantha helps prevent accumulation of excess fat

Almost one billion adults are overweight

The incidence of obesity is on the rise today with nearly half a billion of the population globally afflicted by either excess weight issues or obesity. This issue is fast taking the shape of a global public health issue. Current statistics worldwide show evidence of almost one billion adults being overweight, with nearly 300 million of these falling in the category of clinically obese.

Defined in terms of the body mass index and evaluated based on the percentage of body fat and total fat, obesity is characterized by conditions that include fatty acid levels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin de-sensitisation and excessive adipose mass accumulation. Several genetic, behavioral and physiological factors playing in tandem define the aetiology of obesity.

Though not a serious condition unto itself, obesity does affect the efficiency and expectancy of life adversely and is a significant cause of several lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiac problems, hypertension, diabetics, high cholesterol and even some variants of cancer.

Undoubtedly, the first thing we need to understand about obesity is related to the factors that lead to fat accumulation in our body.

At the fundamental level, the cause of obesity and overweight is the existence of an energy imbalance between the calories intake and calories expended by a body. The body needs a certain percentage of calories, or energy, from food to support basic life functions. An essential part of body weight maintenance is that the calories eaten are equal to those used. Whenever you consume more calories than what your body can expend, the overall energy balance is disrupted leading to accumulation and storage of fat in the body and a resultant weight gain, predisposing one towards obesity.

At an individual level, however, a combination of calories intake coupled with a lack of physical activity are the chief causes of obesity. However, as earlier cited as well, in some cases genetics, psychiatric illness, behavioral and environmental variables, metabolic activity and other medical reasons too are the predominant etiologic factors contributing towards overweight and obese characteristics of the body, rather than biological changes. Similarly, at the societal level, a growing trend towards obesity is attributed to an easily accessible and appealing diet.

Another study indicates that the lower and upper body and the physical fat act as depots of fatty acid metabolism. Any disruption in the metabolic activity in these depots results in obesity arising out of metabolic complications.

Thus, the obesity equation can be thought to have two parts:

  1. Increased intake of foods that is excessively rich in excessive amounts of fats, salt, and sugars, but less in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  2. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle marked with decreased physical activity, erratic routines, etc.

A recent review has identified these other factors that could also be contributory to the current increased rates of obesity:

  1. Insufficient or irregular sleep cycles
  2. Increased use of antipsychotic or other medicines that cause weight gain
  3. Pregnancy at a larger age
  4. Natural selection for assortative mating and higher BMI leading to a concentrated obesity risk
  5. Environmental pollutants that act as endocrine disrupters that interfere with the lipid metabolism within the body
  6. Genetic risk factors that are passed on across generations

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight-Loss Formula can support you in your fight against an obese you!

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight-Loss Formula is based on scientifically-proven Ayurvedic therapy that helps by preventing conditions that lead to the accumulation of fats in the body - a significant cause of obesity. It helps strike a balance between the energy intake vs energy burned ratio thereby helping to counter the uncharacteristic accumulation of fat in the body.

Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula helps in weight management through the digestion and metabolism route. A proprietary natural and vegetarian product made with 100% pure, top-of-the-class naturally active components - Agnimantha and Shilajit - Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula helps regulate the jathragni, thereby ensuring that any excess calories consumed by the body do not get converted in fat and accumulate in the body. Due to the presence of Shilajit, Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula enables an increase in the bio-availability of nutrients within the body, unlocking energy and ensuring the vitality and freedom from fatigue.

This herb-mineral combination of Agnimantha and Shilajit that help to manage obesity and lose weight naturally by regulating the distorted fat metabolism and aiding its natural utilization – the significant reasons behind the accumulation of excessive fat. It further supports in weight management in the following important ways:

  • Lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides
  • Enhances the immunity of the body through its diuretic effect of flushing out deep-seated toxins in the body through our renal pathways
  • Promotes cellular health of our body

Herb such as Agnimantha is known for their therapeutic role in obesity treatment and management. Such herbs help keep the ‘jathragni’ (or the body’s inner heat that is necessary for digestion), regulated and thus help in preventing the excessive growth and accumulation of fatty tissues in check. Agnimantha can be used as an excellent source of active therapeutics and is an effective anti-hyperlipidaemic agent.

Agnimantha (Premna obtusifolia) exhibits tremendous value in the treatment of obesity. Studies conducted on the administration of Agnimantha in conjunction with scheduled diet and an exercise regime for six months have shown encouraging results in working on reducing the waist-hip circumference ratio. Similarly, the herb is also seen to be effective in working on the atherogenic index (i.e. the HDL ratio) and the cholesterol-HDL ratio over six months, lowering cholesterol levels. These studies thus infer the effectiveness of the herb in the treatment of obesity and subsequent weight management.  

An anti-obesity study involving chloroform-methanol (1:1) extract of Agnimantha in a specimen comprising mice who are fed with a junk diet and exhibiting a significantly decreased locomotory behaviour and HDL levels, reveals that the supplementation using Agnimantha indeed eased the signs of obesity. This finding further substantiates the anti-obesity role of Agnimantha in the treatment of obesity.

Research on the efficacy and use of Agnimantha has further revealed that Agnimantha on processing with Shilajit is an extremely potent treatment for conditions that lead to obesity. Studies have shown a significant reduction in the skin fold thickness (i.e. biceps -11.01%, triceps-11.0%, abdominal-11.23% and thigh-8.88%) due to the usage of Agnimantha and Shilajit together.

The reason for this can be found in the various studies that suggest how Shilajit increases the bio-availability of other herbs when used in conjunction with them, thereby strengthening their benefits. You would be surprised to know that Shilajit indeed acts as a fat burner and burns fat and retained water from the body. It further also plays a vital role in the process of weight management by helping suppress appetite by making you feel full.

Shilajit is said to transport nutrients deep within the tissues, flushing out toxins and thereby helps improve memory, stimulates the immune system and maintain optimum metabolism. The fulvic acid content of Shilajit helps keep an optimum energy metabolism which in turn leads to burning off most of the excess calories consumed, not allowing these to be converted into fat.

The Takeaway

Supplementation can be the best way to counter the ill-effects of our urbanized lifestyle that leaves little room for the prevention of accumulation of fat or weight control and management.

Nature Sure, a leading brand in natural food and health supplements, understands the growing struggle that people face today to manage and keep to an optimum weight and the Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula is a perfect fit for those who would like to maintain their weight and take the step away from obesity and uncharacteristic fat accumulation.

Get your pack of Nature Sure Agnimantha Weight Loss Formula and pave the way to a healthy, fat-free existence.

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