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⚜️ Ideal For: Women

everteen Yonilife Intimate Gel for Women - 30g

everteen Yonilife Intimate Gel for Women - 30g

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⚜️ Brand: everteen


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Helps revitalize intimate mucosal walls, restore skin elasticity, strengthen pelvic muscles, eliminate bad odor, prevent infections, dryness & itching, and moisturize and heal sensitive intimate parts


Butea frondosa, Ficus glomerata, Woodfordia floribunda, Quercus infectoria, Sphatika and Aloe Vera


Wash your hands & intimate area with clean water. Sit in a comfortable squatting position. Press one full pump to extract 2-3g of gel on fingertip. Apply gel in and around intimate areas in circular motion. Stay seated until the gel gets fully absorbed. Apply everteen Yonilife Revitalizing Intimate Gel twice daily.


For external use only. Keep away from reach of children. Store in a cool & dry place. Avoid use during periods & pregnancy. Always do a patch test before applying any topical application product.

Helps Restore Elasticity After Pregnancy

The new and improved everteen Yonilife Revitalizing Intimate Gel is a 100% natural feminine intimate gel extracted from delicate plant-based ingredients. It is an amazingly effective lubricant, disinfectant, antiseptic, moisturizer, astringent and toner. Daily massage with this pH-balanced gel helps revitalize intimate mucosal walls, restore skin elasticity, strengthen pelvic muscles, eliminate bad odor, prevent infections, dryness & itching, and moisturize and heal sensitive intimate parts. 

With age (and often after childbirth), a woman’s private parts undergo natural changes such as reduction in pelvic floor strength, thinning of vulvar skin, darker pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, dryness of vulva, pain or discomfort during intercourse and dissatisfaction in physical intimacy. Weakened pelvic muscles can even lead to health issues like urinary incontinence. Such concerns get aggravated with the onset of perimenopause and menopause. Low estrogen levels result in lesser blood flow that, in turn, reduces collagen production in the vulvar tissue. Ageing can also disrupt natural vaginal pH balance. everteen Yonilife Gel is your natural health partner in protecting and nourishing your lady bits. With every use, your vajayjay becomes healthier and happier.

Unlike harmful chemical-based lubes or cheap moisturizing lotions, everteen gel is made from pure extracts of choicest plants such as fire flame bush (Woodfordia floribunda) that is effective in managing cuts, wounds, skin disorders and inflammation. It also contains extracts of sacred tree aka flame of the forest (Butea frondosa) which is an astringent that helps control itching and skin allergy, white discharge (leucorrhea), UTI and even irregular or excessive menstrual bleeding in periods. It is also known to have chemo-protective, antioxidant and aphrodisiac properties. Ficus glomerata, commonly known as cluster fig, is considered a spiritual flora in some traditional communities and is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, postpartum and longevity supplement, and a urinary health booster. Quercus infectoria, or Oaktree, also known as manjakani or majuphal, is rich in tannins, and a boon for women’s intimate wellness. It is considered beneficial in managing dryness of the female organs, preventing skin sagging, fighting candida, constricting skin and reducing inflammation. From Queen Cleopatra to Queen Nefertiti, the antioxidant-rich Aloe Vera has been a part of beauty regimes and has been used by women to stay younger. The balanced formulation of everteen Yonilife feminine lubricant gel is prepared with sphatika (alum) that helps make skin baby soft and supple and deodorizes it. Alum is also known to exfoliate dead skin cells and improve complexion.


  • 100% natural feminine intimate gel that works as lubricant, disinfectant, astringent, moisturizer and toner
  • Natural daily massage gel for overall intimate wellness in women
  • Helps revitalize intimate parts
  • Rejuvenates muscles, tone and vigor
  • Improves lubrication, reduces dryness
  • Prevents infections, restores elasticity
  • 100% natural and safe for all skin types

Read this blog to learn benefits of everteen Yonilife Intimate V Gel in Hindi.


Color of product may vary due to herbal ingredients. Results vary from person to person due to genetic, lifestyle, dietary, environmental and other factors. Information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


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